Marcy JX-650W Motorized Folding Treadmill Reviews

Marcy Motorized Folding Treadmill JX-650W

For all those looking to lose some weight, a treadmill is a big essential. One such quality treadmill by Marcy is the JX 650W. This folding motorized treadmill is designed for use at home. The main characteristics of the treadmill are its 2.0HP motor and sturdy construction. It is capable of walking as well as jogging workouts and has features competitive to SF-T4400 treadmill by Sunny, but this treadmill lacks incline as well as the cross handles that are present in treadmills of other companies such as Weslo. The belt of the treadmill is 47.2 in length and 16.5 inches wide and it can sort a weight of 245 lbs. There are 10 predefined presets for a workout and 3 goal settings. The Marcy JX-650W Motorized Folding Treadmill offers a speed range of 0.5-8.0 MPH.

Features of the Marcy JX-650Wl:

  1. Deck and frame construction:

The treadmill is quite sturdy and it is built out of a steel frame. The frame has a corrosion resistant coating and is metallic gray in color. The machine is lightweight and when fully assembled it weighs around 127 lbs. The weight of the machine is enough to provide a stable platform during a workout. The front, as well as the rear base of the treadmill, has transport wheels which makes it super easy to be transported. There are four rubberized stabilizers in the front for better stability during workouts. The design is modular and foldable and the deck can be folded and locked to store in an upright position. There is a telescopic arm that can be tightened by a knob.

The dimensions of the assembled treadmill are 63 inches length and 28.5 inches wide. It is recommended to keep a clearance space of one foot at the front side and two foot at the rear side. The belt is made up of heavy duty material but it it’s not long enough for running workout of users having a height of 6 feet or more. However, it is enough for walking and jogging workouts for users of all heights. This basic treadmill from Marcy contains cushioning elements and shock absorption cells on each side of the deck. This makes it easier to do workout and there is less stress on the muscles and joints. The step-up height of the deck when it is unfolded is 8 inch above the floor level. So you must place this machine in a room which has a high ceiling.


This treadmill has an entry-level motor which features a peak power output of 2 HP and continuous power output of 1HP. This is a basic level motor and not high-performance one, but it can sustain long duration workouts. The speed range is between 0.5-8.0 MPH and it can be increased by 0.1 MPH at a time. On the console, there are keys for quick and gradual speed adjustment. There are some preset workout programs that can be chosen by the user. The power consumption of this equipment is minimal.


JX-650W treadmill comes with a basic console that has a 5-inch LED monitor to track speed, time, distance and calories burned. There are 5 panels on the display to track multiple metrics at a time but there is no scan function to rotate the panels. There are 10 different workout presets to choose from. You can also set up your workout goals using the console. There is no system to monitor the heart beat and pulse rate and you would need a separate heart monitoring device for that purpose. There are two accessory trays that come along with this treadmill.

Assembly and maintenance:

it is quite easy to assemble and the deck comes pre-assembled from the company. Complete assembly of this machine takes around 30 minutes which is properly covered in the manual provided with the machine. For maintenance, you must keep the belt clean so that there are no particles being dragged into the motor. Periodic lubrication is required.

Pros and Cons of Marcy JX-650 W Treadmill:

 The Pros:

 A durable and sturdy machine which can support user weight of 245 lbs.

  • Small footprint area.
  • Compact structure and folding deck.
  • Speed can be adjusted up to 8.0 MPH.
  • Low power consumption.
  • LED monitor to track workouts.
  • 10 workout presets in the console with goal setting.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.


  • Not able to monitor pulse.
  • No tablet holder accessory.
  • No incline.


This is a basic treadmill for jogging and walking purposes with a small deck. The motor is designed to consume less electricity. It is a decent machine with reasonable pricing and is perfect for light to medium intensity workouts. You can use it for recovery training, muscle toning, weight loss and stamina development.

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