Best Exercise Bike Workouts & Tips for Beginners


Best Exercise Bike Workouts & Tips for Beginners: If you want to get in shape and lose some of your weight then an exercise bike is the best equipment for your home gym.  The best thing about these bikes is that they are super easy to use and are ideal for your joints and muscles.  If you are looking for an amazing cardio workout that is beneficial for your circulatory as well as the respiratory system then this is the best equipment to choose. If you exercise on the stationary bike for around 10 minutes in A day then it can improve your energy levels and reduce fatigue as well as negative emotions.  If you do not have the habit of a rigorous workout then also exercise bikes are best for beginners.

If you are a beginner then you must start out with small workout sessions and then gradually increase with time, both the intensity as well as the time of the workout.  Longer workouts are more beneficial as compared to harder ones.  This improves your stamina as well as endurance and can work on the lungs, heart, and body as well. These workouts are best suited for beginners on an exercise bike.

Best Exercise Bike Workout for Beginners

Cardio intervals:

 You must perform cardio interval workouts for improving your heart capacity and alter the workouts between low and high intensity.  If you start with a low-intensity workout then you can get time to rest whereas with the high-intensity workout you can burn more calories. Rather than sticking to a fixed speed and intensity varying it challenges the muscles of your heart, lungs, and body and is not even boring. The most effective way to do cardio interval exercise is to start with a warm-up at low intensity so that your muscles loosen up. After that, you must do a 20-second sprint.  Pedal some more intensely so that you start sweating.  After that rest for 10 seconds and then sprint again.  Repeat this 8-10 times.  You can opt for longer duration too.

Fat burner:

This type of workout can challenge your body in new ways.  After you complete your cardio warm-up workout you must also cycle at almost 95% of your full effort.  This should be done for around 90 seconds.  After an interval, you must do a 90 seconds workout again.  But this time you must cycle on exercise bike at 40% of your complete energy.  After taking rest do a 60 and 30 second of workout too. After the last 30 seconds, you must cycle at 70% of your energy level for 4 minutes.  After that repeat the entire set of the workout.  You will be able to burn around 15 calories per minute with this workout.

Drill time:

Work out on a stationary bike can be quite boring but you can make it exciting by doing challenging drills. This will make the workout fun and exciting.

Strength training:

If you want to build and tone muscles then stationary bikes are the best gym equipment. You can increase the resistance of the bike for this type of training.  It will give you the feeling of riding uphill.  The extra resistance will make you slow down and also put stress on the butt and leg muscles too. You can even make use of dumbbells during pedaling for better workouts.

The comfortable pair of the bicycling shorts and the spin shoes will make your workout from ordinary to extraordinary. When you start listening to the motivating tunes then it will take you to the long way. You can also see your favourite TV show or the news segment. When you can grab one of your friends at the workout place together with you then it will also help you a lot.

How to use an exercise bike effectively?

It is recommended using an exercise bike for the first time when you stand up for every 5 minutes and then do pedalling as you are climbing at the hill around a minute this will take the pressure off from your lower back and it will force your body to use the new muscles. Once all the things come into motion then you will begin to experience the incredible benefits which are associated with cycling. You will really enjoy the cycling exercise bike workout plan for beginners.

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